Working in Saint-Gobain Argentina

We offer interesting and exciting jobs and internships in all regions of Argentina. We are continually looking for well-trained talents as well as apprentices in all sectors: production, development, sales, IT, logistics and administration. One of our focuses of interest is the continuous initial training for those who are part of the Saint-Gobain team.


Human Resources Director Argentina, Chile & Perú

Making the world a better home is the reason that unites our teams around a collective commitment aimed at caring for the environment. It is also the promise that we express together towards society. We believe that our collaborators are the most important thing we have as a company. For this reason, we focus on caring for the health and safety of all of them, which are developed in a challenging work environment for their growth, fostering open communication, in an inclusive context that relies on diversity in all its areas as a fundamental axis to build a successful present and an even more promising future.

Human Resources Director Argentina, Chile & Perú.

Nuestro Compromiso por las personas

Life at Saint-Gobain

Life at Saint-Gobain

At Saint-Gobain we are continually looking to improve everyone's future.
We observe the way the world moves, to find products and solutions that improve individual quality of life and address the social and environmental challenges facing the planet. For us, innovating, evolving and facing new hurdles represent a challenge. We work every day to be a model company, where our employees, clients and communities feel at ease, to find the perfect balance between individual comfort and collective health.

Our Pillars

Our Pillars

At Saint-Gobain we believe that our commitment is not only to our customers, partners and stakeholders, but also to everyone's future. Every day we work to meet individual expectations and improve the future of all. Our promise is based on four fundamental pillars: Commitment, Entrepreneurship, Value, and Development. These, added to listening, dialogue, care, solidarity, trust and respect for difference, are the central axes that will lead us to fulfill our purpose.

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